Old nightstands made new again with a bit of love and paint!

I purchased two nightstands to stage our master bedroom before our bungalow went up for sale in Whitecourt, AB. Because of a fantastic realtor who lived on the crescent behind us, our house didn’t even go on the market! She had it sold before we had a chance to list, all while we were away in Disneyworld. The nightstands, along with most of our other belongings went into storage while we started building our craftsman in the country.



DIY nightstands get some love…

One of drawers got a bit of water damage on it during it’s long stint in storage. Not a big deal, but still required a little TLC.



I wasn’t super excited about having to repair the dang things before I could paint them so they sat in the garage collecting dust for quite a while. Until one day I was looking for something in Lowe’s and walked by these rolls of veneer and decided it was time to tackle the nightstands.



Fixin’ em up!

Such a quick and easy thing to do I can’t believe I didn’t do it months ago! A quick iron, trim and sand and it was almost as good as new.



The top needed some water bubbles buffed out. The mouse sander took care of that in just a few minutes. And finally I was all set to paint.



And finally… some fresh paint…

I chose to use Annie Sloan Old White because I had it on hand. I wanted a bright neutral to go against a dark wall.




New again…

Two coats of chalk paint is all it needed to cover nicely. Instead of using furniture wax for my last step, I decided to spray it with a clear coat. The only time I use wax is if I am wanting to distress the edges and give a piece an antique look. My favourite spray is the Varathane Diamond Wood Finish. It goes on super fast and leaves a nice protective finish over my projects so I don’t have to worry about the surface getting damaged.



I anticipate our new mattress will sit quite high off the ground so I wanted to add a bit of height to my nightstands without adding a lot of cost.



An accidental find…

Because I am the errand-runner for my busy husband, I was unlucky enough to visit Princess Auto one day to grab him a few supplies. I accidentally hustled down the wrong aisle and happened to see a bunch of casters and couldn’t believe how cheap they were. I believe the ones I chose were on sale for $1.39. Sold! Who knew I’d be coming home with goodies for myself from Princess Auto.



So here my nightstands sit, against my navy shiplap, lonely and waiting for a bed to fill the space between them. But the best part… they are finished! Not sitting in a heap of dust taking up space in our garage anymore! Fresh paint. New pulls from Home Sense and cost effective casters from Princess Auto.



I am attempting to make use of all the furniture pieces we already have around our house, garage and in storage. My preference is to paint, stain, repair or re-do instead of buying new. By doing this I hope to save on a bunch of pieces in order to splurge on a few new furniture items. The next DIY on my list is turning some old side tables into glossy black beauties for our master sitting room!

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